Feel like you need to see it a few more times before you understand it?

We created the DCCM™ Academy fellowship program to give our students the benefit of consistent clinical exposure to aesthetic treatment options.

From a review of anatomy, to treatment patterns, to injecting do's and don'ts, the fellowship program has got you covered!

For the next 6 months you will have the opportunity to watch our providers perform treatments on our patients and get a first hand look at how we run our office. You will have the freedom to ask questions for the entire day, learn tips and tricks that can help you become a better injector, and get a better idea of the range of cosmetic treatments we offer and their indications.

The Details

As a DCCM™ Academy Fellow, you will receive 2 full shadow days with our providers at DCCM™. Shadow days are from 10:30am until 4:30pm and include time for you to debrief and ask any lingering questions once the day is over.

Who You Will Be Shadowing

Tara Delle Chiaie, MSN, FNP-BC, APRN

Tara is the owner of Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine and Delle Chiaie Concierge Medicine as well as the founder and principal instructor of DCCM Academy, an ever-expanding training school for the next generation of aesthetic injectors. She has been in medicine since 2002, spending 18 years in the ER before becoming an APRN and Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner nationally recognized through the ANCC. She currently holds her MSN and is pursuing her Doctorate in Nursing through her research in cutting edge cosmetic technologies and the future of nursing as a practice. 

 She is an active member with ANA-American Nurses Association, ISPAN-International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses, ANCC-American Nurses Credentialing Center, AAMEP-American Academy of Medical Esthetic Professionals, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. She holds over 100 additional certifications in advanced aesthetic training and travels the world to learn new techniques, improve her skills and stay up to date in the ever-advancing aesthetics industry. 

Her unique and proprietary blending of combination therapies with neuromodulators, filler and laser technology has both drastically improved patient outcomes and allowed her to take center stage as a global speaker and leader in non-surgical aesthetic techniques. Her knowledge of branding and business development as well as her cutting edge research lead to the development and publication of the Med Spa Mommy Makeover utilizing Candela products.  

Before we begin...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a nursing license to be considered for DCCM™ Academy programs like Mentorships, Fellowships, and

Yes! You will need a nursing license (LPN, RN, NP, APRN) in the state of New Hampshire or a Compact Nursing License state. As long as you hold a license in one CNL state you do not need to apply for a license to practice in any other CNL state. New Hampshire is a CNL state. Massachusetts is not a CNL state. To check if your state is a compact state, click this link: https://nurse.org/articles/enhanced-compact-multi-state-license-eNLC/

What are some commonly observed treatments during fellowships?

DCCM™ Academy fellows will see a range of cosmetic treatments including cosmetic neurotoxin (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin), cheek fillers, lip fillers, chin fillers, jawline fillers, kybella, hyperdilute Radiesse, lasers (frax, CO2, etc.), profound skin tightening, growth factor rejuvenation, and more!

How do I schedule my appointment?

DCCM™ Academy has partnered with Calendly to give you access to Fellowship observation days availability as well as online booking. Please use the link below to check for AVAILABILITY of your desired dates. Please note: you will not be able to book your preferred day via this link, you MUST enroll via Teachable before scheduling your observation days. Those who schedule via Calendly without enrolling via Teachable will have their booking cancelled without notice and have their attendance refused on the day scheduled.

Check Availability

What is the minimum commitment for fellowship?

Fellowships have a 6 month minimum commitment. This is to ensure you have enough opportunities to build a relationship with our providers and get the most out of this opportunity. We want to be able to follow your journey and ensure you have enough available sessions to followup with any questions you may have.

When will payments be due?

DCCM™ Fellows will make one payment upfront for the full cost of the program for 6 months; $6,000 (a $9,000 value). After the mandatory 6 month minimum has been completed, students can continue their fellowship on a month to month basis for $1,000 per month (a $1,500 value). Fellows also have the added benefit of exclusive one-on-one observation days as well as more flexibility and availability when it comes to booking. Fellows who have not completed the 6 month minimum commitment may NOT enroll in the month-to-month payment option. We also have a payment plan that spreads the full cost of the fellowship out over the first three months of the program, three payments of $2,000.00. Fellows who have not completed the 6 month commitment are welcome to enroll in this option.

Do unused Fellowship observation days roll over?

Unfortunately, Fellowship observation days cannot roll over. We block time in our schedule so that we can meet with each of you and give you the time you deserve to answer all of your questions thoroughly.

How long before my scheduled meeting do I have to reschedule?

If you need to reschedule your scheduled observation day we ask that you give us at least 48 hours notice by phone or by email so that we have time to offer your spot to another student.